What Athletes, Coaches, & Parents Are Saying

“When I was competing in Track & Field at the intercollegiate level, we were very fortunate to have 4 Olympians (3 of them medalists) on the coaching staff. So, I truly appreciate the value of what Vertical Adventures is doing for all the aspiring athletes and the coaches with your On the Road series of track camps around the world! Truly terrific!!” - Gary
“Mike I want to Thank You and your staff for taking such great care of my son at camp. Your dedication and coaching has helped him become a State Champ! He won first place in the FHSAA Florida State Finals in both the High Jump & Triple Jump. He jumped 7 feet for the High Jump & 47’6 3/4″ in the Triple Jump. We are very proud of this accomplishment!” - Altamese K., Florida
“My high jumper loved your coaching and enthusiasm and she talks to me all the time about how much she enjoyed you, Doug & Beth at Camp. All the coaches at her meets rave about her form and gracefulness over the bar. The credit goes to you coaches at Camp this Summer. Thanks a ton!!!” - Jim Osborne, Track Coach - Anna High School, Ohio
“Coach Harrison, Thanks again for a terrific Camp. Your style as a coach and a leader is one that I will continue to try and emulate. It was nice to see my daughter finally have a breakthrough in the discus with an almost 6’6″ new PR and I know she appreciated the special attention paid to her technique. Thanks again for a great Camp and being such a positive influence in her life.” - Michael S., Pennsylvania
"Hey Mike, first of all, great Camp, as usual. Lauren learned so many new things and really enjoyed working with Hollis in the High Jump. Have a great rest of your Summer!" - Chuck B., Northern New Jersey
“Coach, Just wanted to drop a note thanking you again for a great Camp. Fiona had a great time and I think is showing signs of real progress. I am hoping for a good year for her, as she enters high school. Hollis was a great addition to your team in the High Jump.” - Chris P., Central New Jersey
“Mike, What a Great Camp run by one classy guy! Thanks for everything and keep jumping! We’ll see you next year!” - Tom Shoebridge, Track Coach, Lyndhurst High School, New Jersey
"Thanks Mike. I can't thank you enough for what your programs and positive influence have done to help Annie learn how hard work and commitment pay off in life. She will be back at summer camp next year and she is already looking forward to working with you again." - Rick H., Pennsylvania
"Your program was fantastic and I look forward not only to seeing what else you have in store for the future, but also in promoting your camp to those I am in regular contact with. My best wishes for continued success!" - Bryan R., Medford, NJ
"Mike, Thanks again for inviting me down to your camp to observe. It was truly an exciting day for me. I was impressed with the caliber of people and expertise that I witnessed. I am still pinching myself." - Carlton H., Northern New Jersey
“Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how great I thought the camp was! Ringo was awesome. Not only did Shayla learn a tremendous amount, she had a great time while learning. It doesn't get much better than that.” - Stephanie R., Northern New Jersey
“Okay, before I forget or time moves too fast, my daughter came away with at least four instructional skills from the camp. I am sure there are more, but she ripped those off before we hit the first WaWa on Route 206. She said Carol Lewis was great! She learned so much from her. I want to thank you in that the camp was everything it was advertised as. My wife and I were so impressed with the quality of the coaches. My daughter is ready to come back next year. GREAT JOB!!!!!!” - Todd R., New Jersey
"Your camp was truly awesome....everything you said it would be and more! Kendall had an amazing time and left so excited and encouraged. Andre, Roger and their assistants were perfect. Very encouraging. She also loved the short time she worked with Carol on Long Jump." - Kelly B., Central New Jersey
"The boys really enjoyed the camp and learned quite a lot. From what they told us, I believe they learned more in the last two days than they learned all year in school and in club track! I will be sure to recommend the camp to others and you will be seeing the boys again next year." - Cathy K., Central New Jersey
"It looks like Erin won't be coming to camp this year, but she has enjoyed the opportunities and challenges from the past summers that she attended. She really noticed a big difference in her field events every time. It's a great program! Keep up the good work!" - Barbara B., Pennsylvania
“My 15 year old daughter Megan and I attended your summer camp and found it to be everything we hoped and much more. We went for the Pole Vault but I attended some of the High Jump clinics and what an incredible experience. Meeting Mike, Dwight Stones & Mike Tully was like athlete heaven and yet all of these world class competitors were very approachable and extremely willing to work with even novice athletes. We drove up to New Jersey from Virginia to attend, and plan to again next year. Mike, Thanks again for a wonderful camp and we'll see you next summer.” - Matt C., Virginia
"My son participated in last year's camp and I wanted to report that what he took away from the camp has allowed him to start this season off with a new PR, school record and tie of the meet record of 6'10", up from his previous PR of 6'7". Thanks to you and your staff for giving Jay the tools to compete at a higher level. By the way, he has signed with Pitt for 2007-2008." - Rob P., New Jersey